UWAC Executive 2015 – 2017

Honourary Presidents

  • Sonja Bejzyk
  • Mary Woroniuk-Budzak

President – Lesia Perritt

Lesia served on the UWAC National Executive as Corresponding Secretary from 2013-15. From 2007-09 she was Vice President of St. Andrew’s Ukrainian Orthodox Ladies’ Auxiliary, UWAC Branch, Edmonton, as well as secretary of St. Andrew’s Sobor Parish. Lesia was President of the Ladies’ Auxiliary and was a representative to the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Alberta Branch from 2009-15. In previous years, Lesia was on St. Andrew’s Sunday School staff and a Jr. CYMK Advisor. She co-authored a National Jr. CYMK Members’ Handbook and Passport Program. Lesia is an active member of St. Andrew’s Sobor Parish, has been singing in the church choir since 1993 and assists in baking prosphora. She is a retired teacher.

Past President – Dr. Geraldine Nakonechny

Dr. Geraldine Nakonechny
Retired as Dean from MacEwan University, Geraldine has served as President of UWAC St. John’s Cathedral Branch, President of UWAC Alberta Provincial Council, and President of St. John’s Cathedral Church Council. Currently she is on the Western Eparchy Council. She is a recipient of the MacEwan Medallion, University of Alberta Alumni Honor Award and the Order of Canada.

1st Vice President – Pauline Mudry*

Pauline is Vice President of St. John Cathedral Council in Edmonton. She has served as Membership Chair of St. John Cathedral Council and as a board member of St. John’s Institute. Pauline served on the executive of Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Alberta Branch and is a member of the UWAC St. John Branch. Pauline has volunteered and taken leadership roles in numerous organizations devoted to youth such as Girl Guides, Ukrainian school, Jr. and Sr. CYMK. While residing in Toronto, Pauline was active in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church community, UWAC, volunteered in hospital fundraising and working with terminally ill patients. Before retiring, Pauline worked at the University of Alberta as a research technologist.

2nd Vice President – Donna Reed*

Donna has been an active member of St. Anna’s Branch at St. Anthony’s Parish in Edmonton since 2005. She was elected as the 2nd Vice-President of the UWAC National Executive at the 2015 USRL Conference in August. She was previously a member of the Financial Review Committee. She is also a member of the UWAC Alberta Provincial Executive and is currently serving a second term on the Consistory Board of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada as the Assistant Secretary of the Presidium. Donna was active in CYMK as a youth member and later as an advisor. She trained as a laboratory and x-ray technician, working in the field for 12 years before opening and operating her own mobile laboratory service company and is now retired.

3rd Vice President – Dobr. Orysia Ehrmantraut

After being a CYMK-UOY member, Dobr. Orysia became a member of the Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada/Союз Укаїнок Канади. She held different executive positions in the various branches throughout Canada of which she was fortunate to be a part. Presently, Dobr. Orysia is a member of the UWAC Kniahynia Olha Branch at St. Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Winnipeg. She is also president of the Manitoba Provincial Executive of UWAC. She has a degree in History (Religious), but at present is working diligently and very happily in her role as баба.

4th Vice President – Vivian Skakun*

Vivian completed her Bachelor of Education at the University of Alberta, majoring in Early Childhood Education. She taught school in Hairy Hill, Two Hills and Edmonton, Alberta. She is President of Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada – Alberta Provincial Executive (2014-2016) and is a Member at Large of the Western Eparchy Administration (2014-2016). Vivian Skakun has served as 1st Vice-President of Ukrainian Women’s Association National Executive from 2011-2015. Her volunteer work focused on advocating for inclusive education. She traveled to Ukraine as part of a team participating in a CIDA funded project, under the direction of Ukrainian Resource Development Centre, called Canada-Ukraine “Inclusion Education of Children with Disabilities in Ukraine” (2010). She draws on the expertise and experiences that she gained doing advocacy work as a framework for working towards sustainability and revitalization of Soyuz and our Church.

Secretary – Donna Kowalishin

Donna is presently President of the St. John’s Cathedral Branch, Edmonton, of the Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada. She also serves as Convenor of Women’s Issues on the Alberta Provincial Executive of UWAC, and now has joined the National Executive as Secretary. She is also a member of the board of SUS Foundation of Canada, and 2nd Vice-President of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Alberta Branch. Donna holds a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, and is a retired community pharmacist from Edmonton. During her pharmacy career, she was active in her professional associations, serving as President of the Alberta Pharmaceutical Association and President of the Canadian Pharmacists Association.

Treasurer – Karen Herzog (nee Kowalchuk)**

Karen is the Treasurer, National Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada as of August 2015. She is a member of St. Andrew’s Ukrainian Orthodox Sobor in Edmonton where she has been serving as Assistant Treasurer since February 2014. She is also an Associate Member of the Parish at St. Pokrova, Borowich (Willingdon, AB). Karen has been a member of St. Andrew’s Ladies Auxiliary as of September 1996. She is retired from her position as a Human Resources Consultant with the City of Edmonton. She has been volunteering with St John Ambulance as a Medical First Responder for 12 years, at Edmonton Northlands in various capacities for 13 years, as well as other community groups.

Promin Administrator – Betty Corlett*

Betty Corlett is President of UWAC Lesia Ukrainka Branch at St. Elia Church in Edmonton, Vice-President of her Church Council, and has served on the executives of the National UWAC and UWAC Alberta Provincial Council for several years. She is also on the board of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Alberta Branch. Betty holds a Membership with Distinction with the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers in Edmonton (13 years as a dancer), sits on the Shumka Alumni Executive, and is a florist at Bonnie Doon Flowers and Garden Centre.

Member at Large – Carla Kozak*

A member of St. Andrew’s Ladies’ Auxiliary in Edmonton, Carla currently is librarian for that branch. She has held numerous offices at every level of U.W.A.C. and was, for 4 years, National Chair of Promin. As President of the National Council of Women of Canada (of which the illustrious organization U.W.A.C. has been a member since 1939), she led the Canadian delegation at the Triennial Conference of the International Council of Women (established 1888) in Kyiv in 2006. In 2003, she received the Hetman Award, awarded by the Alberta Provincial Executive of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress to leaders and builders of the Ukrainian community in Alberta.

Member at Large – Darcia Moskaluk-Rutkay

Daria is the President of UOC St. Demetrius UWAC, Sophia Rusova Branch and is first Vice President of UOC of St. Demetrius Sobor Parish Council in Toronto. Darcia holds the position as UWAC Provincial Executive President, member of USRL Strategic Planning Workshop, member of the Board of Directors at St. Vladimir’s Institute in Toronto, representative and member of National USRL, member of National CKY Social Services, Toronto, Representative of UWAC to Toronto UCC and Committee of Ukrainian Women, Toronto. Darcia is a retired business woman and aircraft designer.

Financial Review – Nadia Opyr

Nadia serves on the board of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, AB Branch, and on the executive of the UWAC St. John’s Branch. She is a member and on the executive of St John’s Cathedral choir in Edmonton. Nadia is a retired nurse.

Financial Review – Dorothy Stachniak*

Dorothy was treasurer of the UWAC National Executive for 4 years and currently is on the National Financial Review Committee. She is the Past President of St. Michael’s Knyhynia Ol’ha Branch in Edmonton having been President for 6 years and previously, Vice President for 6 years. Dorothy served on the Board of Directors for Ukrainian Social Services, Alberta Branch for 2 years and was Administrative Assistant with Edmonton Public Schools for 29 years.

Financial Review – Shirley Wozimirsky*

Shirley served as President of UWAC Alberta Provincial Executive (4 years) and President of St. Michael’s UWAC Branch (4 years). She served on the National UWAC Executive, formerly as 4th Vice President (4 years) and recently as National Secretary (4 years). Shirley served as Recording Secretary for the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Alberta Branch for 8 years. She is currently serving as President of St. Michael’s UOC (5th year) and is on the UWAC National Executive Financial Review Committee. Shirley has a Bachelor of Education and is retired as a teacher and teaching assistant.

Chaplain – Rt. Rev. Mitred Protopresbyter Fr. Nicholas Orest Rauliuk*

Fr. Nicholas is the Parish Priest of St. Michael’s Parish in Edmonton, Chaplain of the Order of St. Andrew, Edmonton Chapter, and Chaplain of the Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada National Executive.

UWAC Provincial Presidents

  • British Columbia – Gladys Andreas
  • Alberta – Vivian Skakun
  • Saskatchewan – Leona Procyshyn
  • Manitoba – Dobr. Orysia Ehrmantraut
  • Eastern Canada – Darcia Moskaluk-Rutkay

National CYMK-UOY


* Photos by Gordon Ostapchuk
** Photo by Lesia Perritt