Bilingual Publications of the UWAC

A Half Century of Service to the Community by Natalia Kohuska A history of UWAC 1926-1976 Ukrainian Canadiana Articles on twelve topics dealing with Ukrainian art and culture My Icon Book Consists of 23 Coloured Icons venerated in Orthodox religion with explanation and appropriate music. Bilingual. Feast days of the Orthodox Church by Very Rev. Dr. Ivan Stus Ukrainian Embroidery Designs and Stitches by Nancy R. Ruryk Essays from the History of Ukrainian Culture, Book I by Dr. Savella Stechishin and Natalia Kohuska Selections of Ukrainian Literature Essays from the History of Ukrainian Culture, Book II by Serhij Eremenko and Valerian Revutsky Ukrainian composers, drama, and theatre Essays from the History of Ukrainian Culture, Book III by Ivan Kewan Ukrainian Fine Arts The Child's Companion Text by Lilia Matwijiw Sorokowski Illustrations by Marika Onufrijchuk Sokulski A pictorial prayer book explaining important sections of the Liturgy


Anniversary Cookbook by Aylesham-Codette Branch of Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada (UWAC) From Baba With Love Cookbook and explanation of Traditions by Hanka Romanchych Branch of UWAC, Saskatoon Saskatchewan From Generation to Generation Treasured Recipes published by Smoky Lake Alberta Branch of UWAC Ukrainian Daughter's Cookbook Canadian best Seller published by Daughters of Ukraine UWAC Branch Regina Saskatchewan