April 2008 Report


For Ukrainians, Velykden or Easter is the most joyous of all the Feast Days of the year. The Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, renews us with hope that as Christ rose from the dead, so too we shall someday rise to life eternal with our God in heaven. Velykden is the triumph of good over evil, of light over darkness. May this Feast of all Feasts bring each one of you joy and happiness, and enrich your lives with God’s Grace, Peace, and Love. On behalf of all the Executive I wish everyone a very Happy Easter, and greet you with the traditional greeting

Christ Is Risen! Indeed He Is Risen!


I am pleased to report that we have added two convenors to the list:

Promin: Adele Trischuk – Saskatchewan
Women’s Issues: Patricia Yuzik – Saskatchewan

Each province still has vacancies in its list, and we are working on filling them. Again, if any of you are so inclined, please contact your Provincial President.

We are also reminding all convenors to share any news, information, or activities carried out in our journal. Sharing of ideas and activities brings us closer together, and inspires us to greater things.


Many branches have been holding their Installation of New Members and Member Recognition Functions. We sincerely welcome all the new members, and wish them many fulfilling years within our Association. We congratulate all the members who were recognized for their years of service, and we thank them for their dedication, their sacrifices, and for their caring love of our Church and our Soyuz.


We still have not filled the slate for the Constitution Committee, and are asking each Provincial President to appoint someone from their province. Thus far we have: Cecilia Kachkowski – Saskatchewan, and Olena Garrity – Manitoba. As soon as the Committee is complete, we can start on the important project of Constitution review.


The forms are slowly coming in, and we remind the branches that the submission date is May 1/08. Please include your e-mail addresses for those branches who have them.


Last month we listed some of the items available for purchase from our office.
Additional items we are listing this month are:

  1. Easter Cards with envelopes (Blank) – Package of 12 for $10.00
  2. Smoloskyp Cards with envelopes (Blank) – package of 12 for $3.00
  3. Feast Days of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church
    by Rev. Dr. Ivan Stus – $7.95
  4. Ukrainian Canadiana – $10.00
  5. Easter – (Booklet of material compiled for the use
    of those seeking information on Easter as celebrated
    by people of Ukrainian background. Includes Pysanka
    Designs, Basic Steps in Writing Pysanky, Easter Bread
    recipes and designs) – $5.00

(All materials will have GST plus Shipping added on)

When sending payment for orders, please write the Invoice number on your cheque.