April 2009 Report

PASCHA – 2009

On the joyous day of the Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, the National Executive greets the Heirarchy, the Clergy, and all the faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada with the traditional and meaningful greeting “Chrystos Voskres”!

May each one of us greet this greatest Feast Day of the year with happiness in our soul, a renewed spirit, and a song in our heart. Rejoice! The long Fast is over. Hope is renewed, a new dawn is here!

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!


The Ankety are slowly arriving. We encourage those branches who have not yet sent in their forms to do so as soon as possible. We need your information to update our files, especially before we will be sending out the information about the convention. A heartfelt thanks to all the branches for their generous donations. It is your donations that help us with the work we are doing.


We are again sending a reminder about the National Convention on August 6-9, 2009 in Regina, and encouraging as many of our members as possible to attend, either as delegates or guests. It is a wonderful place to meet people who share our values and ideals. It is great to meet old friends , whom we meet only once in a while, as well as to make new friends , who we will meet again at functions such as this. We are hoping for as many branches as possible to attend and take part in our discussions.


Any Provincial Executive, Convenor, or Branch wishing to submit resolutions for discussion at the National Convention, should send them in by April 30, 2009. We moved the date for submissions up so that we can receive the resolutions in time to include them in the Convention Booklet, as well as send them out to the branches before their meetings in June.


To all Provincial Presidents and Convenors: We are inviting you to send in reports of your activities during the past two years to be printed in the Convention Booklets. These articles should be submitted to us by the deadline date of May 15, 2009.


We are reiterating the announcement that we will be commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Promin at the the National Convention. This commemoration will be held at the noon luncheon on Friday, August 7th. It is our hope that on this Anniversary Milestone of the publication of our very own journal, we truly realize how fortunate we are to be living in a country where we are allowed the freedom to have our own press, where our thoughts, our purpose, our ideals, our ethnic soul is not suppressed. We must value this freedom, and each day give a prayer of thanks that we live in a country where freedom prevails. The freedom we enjoy should not be taken for granted. Let us cherish this journal, which helps us to stay connected in this vast land. It serves us in many ways, it keeps us informed, updated, and in it we can share that which is in our hearts. May we suggest that to truly mark this milestone, we should strive to achieve an easily attainable goal. We encourage each member of UWAC to celebrate this anniversary by becoming a subscriber to Promin. Many non-members of UWAC subscribe to, and enjoy reading Promin. We receive much positive feed-back from members, non-members, and, yes, even from men. Good comments from non-members underscore the quality of our journal. We should all be very proud of it.


The year 2010 marks the 100th Anniversary of the publication of the Ukrainian Voice, which is the organ of the Ukrainian Self-Reliance League. This publicatiom played a very important role in the growth and development of all our Ukrainian Institutions. It was part of the “glue” which held the people together, kept them on the “same page”, and informed them about what their ounterparts in other parts of Canada were doing. It played a crucial part in the development of Ukrainians as a distinct ethnic community. Sonja Bejzyk, the president of the Board of Directors, has issued an appeal to help them mark this milestone in an appropriate way. Her suggestions include:

  1. Encourage UWAC and USRA branches to hold fundraising events in support of the newspaper.
  2. Encourage members to make donations to the Press Fund of the newspaper.
  3. Conduct a campaign to find new subscribers to the Voice. We propose that all subscribers and all supporters purchase two Ukrainian Voice shares for $50.00. Such buyers will be entitled to a year’s subscription of Ukrainian Voice. Buyers of three shares for $75.00 will receive a subscription for two years.

Let us all answer this call. We owe it to this long-standing publication to support it and keep it coming to us.


Our long-standing Promin Convenor, Halia Scherbluk has worked diligently on ideas for financial support of Promin. One of these ideas was soliciting more advertising in the journal. We whole-heartily support this idea. Promin goes out to every part of the country, and what better way for Ukrainian Businesses and Professionals to reach our people. We are calling on the Promin Convenors – National, Provincial, Local – to organize a campaign in their respective provinces and communities which would approach the businesses and professionals to buy advertisements in our journal. This would provide a two-fold benefit, first, that of promoting the establishments run by our own people, and secondly, financial support for our journal.