December 2008 Report


We are asking that newsletters be read at your branch meetings. The Promin Reports should be read at your meetings as well, if you have access to a copy. These bulletins contain information that each branch member needs to hear.


We have sent out copies of the current Constitution to all branches, Provincial Presidents, and Committee members. Any branch, after reviewing the constitution, should send any suggestions they wish to offer to their Committee member before March 31, 2009. A letter to each Committee member was included in their package.


Two provinces have elected new UWAC Provincial Executive Presidents for the next two years. The newly elected members are:

British Columbia: Audrey Sojonky, Vancouver
Saskatchewan: Aileen Pillipow, Regina

The Provincial Presidents for the provinces of Alberta and Manitoba will remain in their positions:

Alberta: Geraldine Nakonechny
Manitoba: Olena Garrity.

We congratulate all the presidents, both newly elected and incumbent, and wish them and the members of their executives good health and much success in their endeavors.


Congratulations go out to Orysia Sushko, who was awarded the highest distinction by the Ukrainian World Congress, the St Volodymyr Medal, at the IX World Congress of Ukrainians held in Kiev on August 20-22, 2008. We thank Orysia for her many contributions to all our organizations, and wish her continued good health and much success in all her endeavors.


Provincial CYC Conventions were held in three jurisdictions this fall, and I was privileged to attend each one. The Eastern Convention was held on October 4-5 in Toronto. Saskatchewan held theirs on October 24-25, and the Manitoba convention was held on November 4. Each convention had a different theme, and each one was relevant to all our component organizations. The sessions produced interesting discussions which resulted in fruitful deliberations. I thank each Provincial CYC Executive for organizing these successful meetings, and I thank everyone for their warm hospitality.


The Annual General Meeting of WFUWO was held in Toronto on September 26 – 28. Orysia Sushko was the delegate for our National Executive. She delivered our greeting, and took an active part in the discussions, for which the president of WFUWO thanked us. In addition, she chaired one of the sessions. We thank Orysia for representing us so very ably.


At this time of the year annual meetings are being held in all the branches. The Ankety will be sent out very shortly. They will be sent out by email to the branches that have sent us their addresses. We are asking that you list email addresses on your anketa forms if you have email. If no one on the executive has an email address, perhaps one of your members may have one, and would be willing to be the contact person for the executive. All correspondence will be sent by regular mail to the branches who do not have access to a computer.


The 50th Anniversary of Promin will be celebrated in 2010.Each branch should begin making plans on how they will honor this milestone. Our executive supports the resolutions made at both the Eastern and Manitoba conventions, which urge all their members to subscribe to Promin. Perhaps one of the Anniversary events could be to reach the goal of one-hundred percent member subscription in the year 2010.