February 2008 Report

Heroines of Ukraine

As in the past, in February, we remember our Ukrainian Women authors for their works which brought our people hope and inspiration. We remember the well-known writers such as Lesia Ukrainka, Olena Pchilka, Ol’ha Kobylianska, who have contributed so much to the literature of Ukraine. We must also remember the writers who have given much, but perhaps are not as well known to us today such as Hannah Barvinok and Ludmyla Starytska-Cerniakhivska whose biographies were featured in the February, 2006 issue of Promin’. Let us honor these women at our meetings in February by learning more about them and their works. It would also be very fitting to do some research on Ukrainian Heroines, choose one or two who are not so well known to us, and share this information at the monthly meeting.

Annual Information Forms (Ankety)

We will be sending the 2008 Ankety forms out before the end of January. We apologize for the delay, but we have had to design new forms, and this has delayed the mailing. There will be a memo along with the forms that will give you the information you will require.


We have sent information regarding Convenorships to all Provincial Presidents, in which we are asking that National Convenors be appointed from each province for the following departments: Promin; Benevolent; Ukrainian Education; Women’s Issues & the Environment; Cultural Arts; Archives; National/International Ukraine Affairs; Museum. The National Convenor in each province would work with the Provincial Convenor who is in touch with the locals, thus keeping each department active in each area of the country. There is much work to be done, and it is quite impossible for only one convenor to carry out all this work for all the provinces. We are asking all branches to assist your Provincial Executive to fill these posts. Anyone who has an interest in any of the departments is asked to offer their help in this endeavor.


As part of the commemoration of Holodomor, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress has launched the Holodomor Commemorative Campaign to raise funds for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and Holodomor awareness. It is very important for us as Ukrainians to have this tragic event in our history recognized in this Museum in order to maintain permanent awareness of this very sad chapter, so that succeeding generations of Ukrainians, as well as others, will never forget. When the Campaign is launched, it is our hope that our people will respond positively and do what they can to assist.