February 2009 Report

The National Executive greets the Hierarchy and Clergy, and members of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada; the Executive and member Organizations of the Ukrainian Self-Reliance League of Canada; the Provincial Executives, branches, and all the members of UWAC with the coming of the New Year, 2009, and wishes everyone good health, much happiness, and prosperity.


We encourage all the members of the Constitution Committee to proceed with their work as planned, and send in the results of their labors by the due date of March 31, 2009. The work on any changes to the Constitution will begin in the first week of April. We will be in contact with the Constitution Chairs regarding procedure before this work begins


We remind everyone that the National CYC Convention is just seven months away. We ask all branches to begin focusing on the growth of our Association in the next term of 2010-2011, and what goals we wish to set for ourselves. It is time now to start thinking about and working on any resolutions you wish to bring forth at the Convention. We would ask that all resolutions be submitted to our office by May 31, 2009.


This is the time branches are filling out their anketa. We remind all branches again to include their e-mail addresses. In event that no one on the executive has an e-mail address, we ask any member in the branch who does, to please be the contact for your branch. The branches who have no e-mail will continue to receive their mail by Canada Post. Please list all your donations to Ukraine, or Ukrainian Social Services on your anketa. They ask for a report from us each year.


We are pleased to report that work on the Icon Book is progressing well, and is nearing completion. We thank the Committee for their diligence. Further reports will be forthcoming.


We ask all the convenors to submit to us a brief report on how work is progressing in their province. To date we have a report from one convenor, Saskatchewan CYMK/UOY, which will soon be published in Promin. We encourage all convenors to print brief reports in our Journal for all to read.


Since the Convention is not too far away, we ask all branches to learn, and practice singing our hymn so that we can all participate in singing it with pride at the opening of the UWAC session.


We have had inquiries about what items are included in our Inventory. We have posted the items on our website for easy access, at www.uwac-national.ca

We will also print a complete list in our next Newsletter.