July 2008 Report

Summer vacation time is upon us, and it is our wish that all of you are enjoying this time with your families and friends. To those who have gone to far away destinations, our wish is that you have a wonderful time sight-seeing, and a safe return home. For those who have opted to pass this time nearer to familiar places, we wish you a pleasant and relaxing time with those you love. Summer is a great time to strengthen family ties, and I especially wish you good times with your grandchildren. Summer is also the time when our Church Camps, as well as Language Courses, are humming with activity. It is our hope that all these facilities are filled to capacity, and that our children and youth are learning, making new and lasting friendships, and enjoying their time together.

Our sincere thanks to all parents and other volunteers who take the time to make these opportunities available for our children. We are grateful to all those who unselfishly dedicate their time to sit on executives, to those who volunteer their time and efforts with all the various tasks there are to make a camp successful, to the clergy who are there for spiritual guidance, to the teachers and councillors, and to the parents for giving their children the opportunity to experience camp life, and at the same time to gain some independence.

Ukrainian World Congress

The IX World Congress of Ukrainians is being held in Kiev on August 20-22, 2008. We, together with the Ukrainian Self-Reliance League, are sending Orysia Sushko as our delegate to this event. We wish her a safe journey.

Constitution Committee

The Constitution Committee is now almost complete, with the nomination of Vicky Pushka as the representative from British Columbia. We have yet to get a representative from the East. This committee will begin work in the fall. We hope to accomplish most of this work through the modern means of communication.

Icon Book

The committee from Edmonton, under the capable leadership of Joanna Janis, is working on the second printing of the Icon Book. Vera Senchuk, Iconographer, will be adding some Icons to this new publication. We wish them success with this very worthy project.


We thank all the branches who have sent in their ankety, and we thank all of you for your generous donations. We thank you for your promptness as we have heard from almost all of the branches. There are still two or three branches we are waiting to hear from. We will be sending the Provincial Executives their allotments in the next short while.

Branch Visitations

At the beginning of June I had the pleasure of visiting all the branches in British Columbia. I thank BC president, Liz Lyne, for arranging the tour. In Vancouver we were hosted by theLesia Ukrainka branch. Members from all three lower mainland branches, Olha Kobylianska – Surrey, Olha Kobylianska – Chilliwack, Lesia Ukrainka – Vancouver were in attendance. In subsequent days we were hosted by the Kelowna – Savelia Stechishin, Vernon – St. Olha, and Kamloops – Lesia Ukrainka Branches. I enjoyed meeting with all the members and personally getting to know them. I thank all the branches for their warm reception, their dedication and interest in our organization. I also thank Liz Lyne for her wonderful hospitality and for capably driving me through the mountain roads. I thank Marie Rusnak of Vancouver for opening her home to us for our night in Vancouver. I left British Columbia with many good memories.