June 2008 Report

Father’s Day

In the month of June we honor our fathers. On this day we express our love and appreciation for their caring and all they do for us. The National Executive greets all the fathers and grandfathers on their special day, and wishes them all good health and God’s blessings. Mnohaya Lita!


We heartily congratulate Geraldine Nakonechny, UWAC Provincial President for Alberta, on the receipt of the Order of Canada. We recognize and appreciate all the work she has done for our Ukrainian effort, as well as for her fellow Canadians in general. We wish her good health, and much success in all her future endeavors.

World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations

For the past seven years our UWAC has been a member organization of the WFUWO. We have and will continue to publish information about WFUWO in Promin. If any branch wishes more information please contact our office.

Orysia Sushko is our official representative to the Federation, and will be representing UWAC at the annual meeting which will be held in Toronto, September 26-28, 2008.

Both the 60th anniversary of WFUWO and the 45th anniversary of their publication “Women in the World” will be recognized during this annual meeting. Further information will be published in the next issue of Promin once details of the event are complete.

World Congress of Ukrainians

UWAC is a member of the World Congress of Ukrainians. The IX Congress of WCU will take place in Kyiv this coming August.


There are still a few branches who have not submitted their anketas. We urge you to send these in as soon as possible. We need to send the Provincial Executives their portion of the budget by June 30th.


We are once again inviting all convenors to submit any news, articles of interest, information to share, activities, etc. to our journal Promin, or to us at the National office. They will be either published in Promin, included in our newsletters, or posted on our website. It is our hope that this sharing will bring us closer together, and would be both helpful and an inspiration to all.


We encourage all branches to take part in Holodomor commemorations in their localities. We also encourage each branch to make certain that our youth is well informed about this tragic event in the history of our people. We all need to know, to remember, and to pray for all the victims of this horrific genocide.


The national CYC convention will be held in Regina, SK on August 6th to 9th, 2009. This early information will give us more opportunity to make plans to attend.

Thank you!

We thank all the branches for the work done this past season, and we wish everyone a safe, happy summer, one of leisure, enjoyment, and time spent with family and friends. God Bless!