March 2008 Report

Taras Shevchenko (1814 – 1861)

March – the month we remember Ukraine’s beloved poet and bard, Taras Shevchenko. In spite of being born into serfdom and poverty, he became one of the great poets of his time, and is still revered today. His works spoke to the hearts of the Ukrainian people inspiring them in their struggle for freedom. Many communities still hold programs to honor his memory, where they present his works in readings and song. We need to continue this practice so that the youth of today become exposed to his story and his beautiful works.

Preparation for Lent

This month we begin Great Lent, which is our journey toward the Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. May we enter into Lent with humility and repentance. Let us attend all the Lenten Services during this spiritual journey, remembering our shortcomings and asking for forgiveness, so that we can greet the Resurrected Lord joyfully, with renewed hearts and minds, and a stronger faith.


We communicate with our branches and members in various ways. This monthly report in our journal and the newsletters we send out are meant to reach each and every member, therefore , it is important that the information in the monthly Promin reports, and in each newsletter be read at scheduled branch meetings.


We congratulate the following branches for being the first to send in their 2008 Ankety: Charytia Kononenko Branch in Blaine Lake/Krydor,SK; Olha Basarabova Branch in Nipawin, SK; Daughters of Ukraine Branch in Roblin, MB; and Lesia Ukrainka Branch in Foam Lake, SK.

If any branch has not received their Ankety package, please let us know as soon as possible. We sent them to the Presidents as reported in the 2007 Ankety, therefore, we ask that you please pass them on to the new presidents.


In the newsletter we sent out with the ankety, the UWAC website address was listed incorrectly. It should read:

We also encourage you to visit the website of the Self-Reliance League (CYC). The address for the CYC website is:


We are reminding all branches and members that we have a fairly extensive inventory of books and materials for sale in our office. We are including a partial list in this report. We ask that you consider these materials when choosing gifts, awards, prizes, etc..

A World Without Genocide Campaign (spring 2008)

The UCC National Holodomor Commemoration Committee is calling upon the community to support the following initiatives in 2008 designed to raise awareness of Holodomor, and achieve the goal of having it recognized as an act of genocide against the Ukrainian people.

  1. International Torch Relay – The torch is expected to be in North America in May/June. It will be flown to any city that chooses to host it.
  2. National Youth Initiative – A separate Youth Committee will be struck to organize a spring event which will Unite our youth across the country in promotion of tolerance and human rights.
  3. Walk for a World Without Genocide – Stefan Horlatsch of Toronto, a holodomor survivor will walk across Canada to promote a world without genocide, and raise awareness of Holodomor.

More information on this campaign can be obtained from Irka Mycak, email address: Or The Ukrainian Canadian Congress Office in Winnipeg.