May 2009 Report


We greet all mothers and grandmothers, wishing them good health and many happy years with their families. A mother’s love is as constant and never-ending as the passage of time, and a mother’s life is one of devotion and many sacrifices. We express our gratitude with love and appreciation not only on Mother’s Day, but also throughout the year. We should also remember all godmothers and special aunts on this day, with thanks and appreciation for their love and support. God bless all these wonderful women in our lives.


Information from Newsletter #1/2009

  1. The UN has adopted “Blue Heart” as the symbol of action against Human Trafficking.

    Campaign Blue Heart – Action Against Human Trafficking

    People everywhere are called upon to join Campaign “Blue Heart” to permanently stop this violence, and achieve equality for all women. By wearing the Blue Heart, each person can spread information about the trafficking of humans. WFUWO calls on the women in all Ukrainian organizations to join this campaign of the UN against this terrible on-going tragedy. The blue heart represents the sadness and sacrifice of human trafficking, while reminding us of the cold hearts of those who are involved in this horrific activity. WFUWO is presently working on the project “Blue Heart”, and will send information when plans are completed.

  2. The WFUWO Committee to the United Nations, under the chairmanship of Nadia Shmigel, has put in a lot of work and effort, and deserves many thanks. Thanks also go out to Moki Kokoris for her participation in the conference, the theme of which was “Climate Change and its Effects”. Her work was highly valued, and was recognized by UN’s Vice-General Secretary, and will be submitted to the General Secretary. WFUWO thanks Pani Shmigel and Pani Kokoris, and all the members of the World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations UN Committee for their work and their representation of WFUWO at the United Nations.


We urge all the branches who have not yet submitted their ankety to send them in as soon as possible, as the deadline date is fast approaching. To date we still have a significant number of branches who have not yet fulfilled their obligations. Your ankety must be sent in soon if you wish to participate in the convention.


When you receive your convention information, you will notice that the first UWAC session is taking place on Thursday, August 6th from 4:00 – 5:30 PM. We ask you to make your travel arrangements so that you arrive in time to attend this first session.


We are again urging the Provincial Presidents and Convenors to submit their reports by May 15, 2009 for printing in the UWAC Convention Booklets. Each convenor may write her own report, or, she may send it to her respective Convenor Chair, well ahead of the deadline date, to be included in the general report. The names and addresses of the Convenor Chairs were included in our last newsletter.