July 2008 Report

Summer vacation time is upon us, and it is our wish that all of you are enjoying this time with your families and friends. To those who have gone to far away destinations, our wish is that you have a wonderful time sight-seeing, and a safe return home. For those who have opted to pass this time nearer to familiar places, we wish you a pleasant and relaxing time with those you love. Summer is a great time to strengthen family ties, and I especially wish you good times with your grandchildren. Summer is also the time when our Church Camps, as well as Language Courses, are humming with activity. It is our hope that all these facilities are filled to capacity, and that our children and youth are learning, making new and lasting friendships, and enjoying their time together.

Our sincere thanks to all parents and other volunteers who take the time to make these opportunities available for our children. We are grateful to all those who unselfishly dedicate their time to sit on executives, to those who volunteer their time and efforts with all the various tasks there are to make a camp successful, to the clergy who are there for spiritual guidance, to the teachers and councillors, and to the parents for giving their children the opportunity to experience camp life, and at the same time to gain some independence.

Ukrainian World Congress

The IX World Congress of Ukrainians is being held in Kiev on August 20-22, 2008. We, together with the Ukrainian Self-Reliance League, are sending Orysia Sushko as our delegate to this event. We wish her a safe journey.

Constitution Committee

The Constitution Committee is now almost complete, with the nomination of Vicky Pushka as the representative from British Columbia. We have yet to get a representative from the East. This committee will begin work in the fall. We hope to accomplish most of this work through the modern means of communication.

Icon Book

The committee from Edmonton, under the capable leadership of Joanna Janis, is working on the second printing of the Icon Book. Vera Senchuk, Iconographer, will be adding some Icons to this new publication. We wish them success with this very worthy project.


We thank all the branches who have sent in their ankety, and we thank all of you for your generous donations. We thank you for your promptness as we have heard from almost all of the branches. There are still two or three branches we are waiting to hear from. We will be sending the Provincial Executives their allotments in the next short while.

Branch Visitations

At the beginning of June I had the pleasure of visiting all the branches in British Columbia. I thank BC president, Liz Lyne, for arranging the tour. In Vancouver we were hosted by theLesia Ukrainka branch. Members from all three lower mainland branches, Olha Kobylianska – Surrey, Olha Kobylianska – Chilliwack, Lesia Ukrainka – Vancouver were in attendance. In subsequent days we were hosted by the Kelowna – Savelia Stechishin, Vernon – St. Olha, and Kamloops – Lesia Ukrainka Branches. I enjoyed meeting with all the members and personally getting to know them. I thank all the branches for their warm reception, their dedication and interest in our organization. I also thank Liz Lyne for her wonderful hospitality and for capably driving me through the mountain roads. I thank Marie Rusnak of Vancouver for opening her home to us for our night in Vancouver. I left British Columbia with many good memories.

June 2008 Report

Father’s Day

In the month of June we honor our fathers. On this day we express our love and appreciation for their caring and all they do for us. The National Executive greets all the fathers and grandfathers on their special day, and wishes them all good health and God’s blessings. Mnohaya Lita!


We heartily congratulate Geraldine Nakonechny, UWAC Provincial President for Alberta, on the receipt of the Order of Canada. We recognize and appreciate all the work she has done for our Ukrainian effort, as well as for her fellow Canadians in general. We wish her good health, and much success in all her future endeavors.

World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations

For the past seven years our UWAC has been a member organization of the WFUWO. We have and will continue to publish information about WFUWO in Promin. If any branch wishes more information please contact our office.

Orysia Sushko is our official representative to the Federation, and will be representing UWAC at the annual meeting which will be held in Toronto, September 26-28, 2008.

Both the 60th anniversary of WFUWO and the 45th anniversary of their publication “Women in the World” will be recognized during this annual meeting. Further information will be published in the next issue of Promin once details of the event are complete.

World Congress of Ukrainians

UWAC is a member of the World Congress of Ukrainians. The IX Congress of WCU will take place in Kyiv this coming August.


There are still a few branches who have not submitted their anketas. We urge you to send these in as soon as possible. We need to send the Provincial Executives their portion of the budget by June 30th.


We are once again inviting all convenors to submit any news, articles of interest, information to share, activities, etc. to our journal Promin, or to us at the National office. They will be either published in Promin, included in our newsletters, or posted on our website. It is our hope that this sharing will bring us closer together, and would be both helpful and an inspiration to all.


We encourage all branches to take part in Holodomor commemorations in their localities. We also encourage each branch to make certain that our youth is well informed about this tragic event in the history of our people. We all need to know, to remember, and to pray for all the victims of this horrific genocide.


The national CYC convention will be held in Regina, SK on August 6th to 9th, 2009. This early information will give us more opportunity to make plans to attend.

Thank you!

We thank all the branches for the work done this past season, and we wish everyone a safe, happy summer, one of leisure, enjoyment, and time spent with family and friends. God Bless!

May 2008 Report


The National Executive warmly greets all mothers and grandmothers, and wishes all of them good health, and many happy years. On this special day, as well as throughout the year, we express our love with gratitude and appreciation to our mothers for their many sacrifices, and undying love. On this day it may also be fitting to remember our godmothers and special aunts for their love and support. May God bless them all.


The UWAC has membership in the National Council of Women. This year the 115th Annual General Meeting will be held on May 30 – June 1 in Ottawa. They will be discussing many topics which interest and affect us all. Resolutions that impact all of us will be presented, dealing with important issues such as the environment, our health, and social concerns.


We thank Geraldine Nakonechny, Alberta Provincial President, for the appointment of Carla Kozak as their representative to the Committee. We are still looking for representatives from British Columbia and the Eastern Region.


We thank Liz Lyne, BC Provincial President for responding to our request for convenors to the Executive. The new convenors are:

Promin: Nina Colson
Ukrainian Education: Bella Bugera
Benevolent: Liz Lyne


We thank the branches who have submitted their ankety, and for the generous donations. If there are any branches who have not yet been able to send in their forms, we urge them to do so at their earliest convenience. Please remember to include your email addresses, as this makes contacting you very convenient.


We had listed inventory items in the March issue of Promin. Please note new pricing of the following items:

  1. For Our Children (Book with Tape) – $8.00
    (A compilation of Dobr. Jane Luchak’s articles in Visnyk)
  2. For Our Children (CD) – $10.00

It is our hope that this new pricing will stimulate the movement of these very worthwhile items in our inventory.


  1. 10 For 10 Fundraising Campaign – April 1 – June 30, 2008
    • to raise funds for Canadian Holodomor awareness initiatives
    • to establish a permanent Holodomor Education Fund which will support ongoing educational initiatives

    Theme: $10 in memory of 10 million
    Donations accepted in all Ukrainian Credit Unions throughout Canada.
    All donations should be made to the Holodomor Awareness Fund.
    Donations can also be sent directly to UCC, Suite 647, 167 Lombard Ave., Winnipeg, MB, R3B 0V3
    Cheques should be made payable to UCC Charitable & Educational Trust-Holodomor Awareness Fund.

  2. Holodomor: Famine Genocide Writing CompetitionOpen to students aged 14 – 19, to write about the Ukrainian famine genocide of 1932 – 1933. Monetary prizes will be awarded as follows:
    First – $500; Second – $300; Third – $200
    Ten honorable mentions at $50 each will also be awarded.
    Deadline for submission : June 30, 2008
    Copies of the writing competition may be obtained from the Famine-Genocide web site at: www.faminegenocide.com

April 2008 Report


For Ukrainians, Velykden or Easter is the most joyous of all the Feast Days of the year. The Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, renews us with hope that as Christ rose from the dead, so too we shall someday rise to life eternal with our God in heaven. Velykden is the triumph of good over evil, of light over darkness. May this Feast of all Feasts bring each one of you joy and happiness, and enrich your lives with God’s Grace, Peace, and Love. On behalf of all the Executive I wish everyone a very Happy Easter, and greet you with the traditional greeting

Christ Is Risen! Indeed He Is Risen!


I am pleased to report that we have added two convenors to the list:

Promin: Adele Trischuk – Saskatchewan
Women’s Issues: Patricia Yuzik – Saskatchewan

Each province still has vacancies in its list, and we are working on filling them. Again, if any of you are so inclined, please contact your Provincial President.

We are also reminding all convenors to share any news, information, or activities carried out in our journal. Sharing of ideas and activities brings us closer together, and inspires us to greater things.


Many branches have been holding their Installation of New Members and Member Recognition Functions. We sincerely welcome all the new members, and wish them many fulfilling years within our Association. We congratulate all the members who were recognized for their years of service, and we thank them for their dedication, their sacrifices, and for their caring love of our Church and our Soyuz.


We still have not filled the slate for the Constitution Committee, and are asking each Provincial President to appoint someone from their province. Thus far we have: Cecilia Kachkowski – Saskatchewan, and Olena Garrity – Manitoba. As soon as the Committee is complete, we can start on the important project of Constitution review.


The forms are slowly coming in, and we remind the branches that the submission date is May 1/08. Please include your e-mail addresses for those branches who have them.


Last month we listed some of the items available for purchase from our office.
Additional items we are listing this month are:

  1. Easter Cards with envelopes (Blank) – Package of 12 for $10.00
  2. Smoloskyp Cards with envelopes (Blank) – package of 12 for $3.00
  3. Feast Days of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church
    by Rev. Dr. Ivan Stus – $7.95
  4. Ukrainian Canadiana – $10.00
  5. Easter – (Booklet of material compiled for the use
    of those seeking information on Easter as celebrated
    by people of Ukrainian background. Includes Pysanka
    Designs, Basic Steps in Writing Pysanky, Easter Bread
    recipes and designs) – $5.00

(All materials will have GST plus Shipping added on)

When sending payment for orders, please write the Invoice number on your cheque.

March 2008 Report

Taras Shevchenko (1814 – 1861)

March – the month we remember Ukraine’s beloved poet and bard, Taras Shevchenko. In spite of being born into serfdom and poverty, he became one of the great poets of his time, and is still revered today. His works spoke to the hearts of the Ukrainian people inspiring them in their struggle for freedom. Many communities still hold programs to honor his memory, where they present his works in readings and song. We need to continue this practice so that the youth of today become exposed to his story and his beautiful works.

Preparation for Lent

This month we begin Great Lent, which is our journey toward the Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. May we enter into Lent with humility and repentance. Let us attend all the Lenten Services during this spiritual journey, remembering our shortcomings and asking for forgiveness, so that we can greet the Resurrected Lord joyfully, with renewed hearts and minds, and a stronger faith.


We communicate with our branches and members in various ways. This monthly report in our journal and the newsletters we send out are meant to reach each and every member, therefore , it is important that the information in the monthly Promin reports, and in each newsletter be read at scheduled branch meetings.


We congratulate the following branches for being the first to send in their 2008 Ankety: Charytia Kononenko Branch in Blaine Lake/Krydor,SK; Olha Basarabova Branch in Nipawin, SK; Daughters of Ukraine Branch in Roblin, MB; and Lesia Ukrainka Branch in Foam Lake, SK.

If any branch has not received their Ankety package, please let us know as soon as possible. We sent them to the Presidents as reported in the 2007 Ankety, therefore, we ask that you please pass them on to the new presidents.


In the newsletter we sent out with the ankety, the UWAC website address was listed incorrectly. It should read: www.uwac-national.ca

We also encourage you to visit the website of the Self-Reliance League (CYC). The address for the CYC website is: www.usrl-cyc.org


We are reminding all branches and members that we have a fairly extensive inventory of books and materials for sale in our office. We are including a partial list in this report. We ask that you consider these materials when choosing gifts, awards, prizes, etc..

A World Without Genocide Campaign (spring 2008)

The UCC National Holodomor Commemoration Committee is calling upon the community to support the following initiatives in 2008 designed to raise awareness of Holodomor, and achieve the goal of having it recognized as an act of genocide against the Ukrainian people.

  1. International Torch Relay – The torch is expected to be in North America in May/June. It will be flown to any city that chooses to host it.
  2. National Youth Initiative – A separate Youth Committee will be struck to organize a spring event which will Unite our youth across the country in promotion of tolerance and human rights.
  3. Walk for a World Without Genocide – Stefan Horlatsch of Toronto, a holodomor survivor will walk across Canada to promote a world without genocide, and raise awareness of Holodomor.

More information on this campaign can be obtained from Irka Mycak, email address: irkam@sympatico.ca Or The Ukrainian Canadian Congress Office in Winnipeg.

February 2008 Report

Heroines of Ukraine

As in the past, in February, we remember our Ukrainian Women authors for their works which brought our people hope and inspiration. We remember the well-known writers such as Lesia Ukrainka, Olena Pchilka, Ol’ha Kobylianska, who have contributed so much to the literature of Ukraine. We must also remember the writers who have given much, but perhaps are not as well known to us today such as Hannah Barvinok and Ludmyla Starytska-Cerniakhivska whose biographies were featured in the February, 2006 issue of Promin’. Let us honor these women at our meetings in February by learning more about them and their works. It would also be very fitting to do some research on Ukrainian Heroines, choose one or two who are not so well known to us, and share this information at the monthly meeting.

Annual Information Forms (Ankety)

We will be sending the 2008 Ankety forms out before the end of January. We apologize for the delay, but we have had to design new forms, and this has delayed the mailing. There will be a memo along with the forms that will give you the information you will require.


We have sent information regarding Convenorships to all Provincial Presidents, in which we are asking that National Convenors be appointed from each province for the following departments: Promin; Benevolent; Ukrainian Education; Women’s Issues & the Environment; Cultural Arts; Archives; National/International Ukraine Affairs; Museum. The National Convenor in each province would work with the Provincial Convenor who is in touch with the locals, thus keeping each department active in each area of the country. There is much work to be done, and it is quite impossible for only one convenor to carry out all this work for all the provinces. We are asking all branches to assist your Provincial Executive to fill these posts. Anyone who has an interest in any of the departments is asked to offer their help in this endeavor.


As part of the commemoration of Holodomor, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress has launched the Holodomor Commemorative Campaign to raise funds for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and Holodomor awareness. It is very important for us as Ukrainians to have this tragic event in our history recognized in this Museum in order to maintain permanent awareness of this very sad chapter, so that succeeding generations of Ukrainians, as well as others, will never forget. When the Campaign is launched, it is our hope that our people will respond positively and do what they can to assist.

October 2007 Report

I was born in North Battleford, SK., to Mike and Anelia (Kowalsky) Nychyk, and grew up in the small community of Whitkow. My father immigrated to Canada in 1927 as a young boy of nineteen, leaving all of his family back in Horodenka, Ukraine. My mother’s parents, Nykola and Marianna Kowalsky, immigrated from the Sokal region in 1911, and my mother was born in Canada. My parents raised four children, of which I was the eldest.

My parents were very much involved in the Ukrainian Orthodox community, and instilled in us a love and respect for our Church, and our Ukrainian language and culture. Being a member of CYMK gave me an opportunity to begin learning organizational work, andan appreciation of drama, choir singing, and public speaking. These attributes were further developed during my three year stay at the Petro Mohyla Institute in Saskatoon.

These were some of the most memorable years of my life. I was on the Debating team,served as secretary of Kameniari, and was a member of Mohylianky. I very much enjoyed participating in concerts and drama productions, which were a part of Institute life.

It was at Mohyla Institute that I met my husband, Peter Yuzik. We were married in 1955, and raised a family of five children. We feel truly blessed, as our family has grown to include six grandchildren who are our pride and joy. Besides raising my family, and being involved in their various activities, I taught elementary school for 23 years, and retired in 1992. Since I thoroughly enjoyed working with children and youth, I also taught Sunday School, Ukrainian School, and was an advisor to both local and Provincial CYMK.

We have been members of the Church since 1956, first at All Saint’s Church in Alvena, then at Holy Trinity Church in Cudworth, and now at All Saint’s Church in Saskatoon. I have served on the Executives of both the Wakaw District Parish Council, and the Holy Trinity Church in Cudworth. My love of music, especially Church music, led me to sing in Church choir, and also to learn cantoring, which I still continue to do.

I have been a member of the Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada for 34 years, serving in various positions on the executive of the Kniahynia Olha Branch in Cudworth. I now am a member of the Hanka Romanchych Branch in Saskatoon. I served two years as Vice-President, and six years as President on the Provincial UWAC Executive. I also was a member of the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada for a total of ten years, serving part of those years as secretary to the Board.

During my term as UWAC Provincial President, I was also the President of the Provincial Executive of the Ukrainian Self-Reliance League of Canada. I was on the USRL 2005 Convention Arrangements Committee, Saskatoon, serving as Registration Chair, and Committee Services Chair.

One of the rewards of my involvements has been meeting so many fine people, many of whom have become good friends. I can truly say that my career, as well as my participation in organizational work, have enriched me by providing opportunities for positive relationships, learning experiences, and working with people who have goals that are similar to mine.

By sharing some of my past history, it is my hope that you will see me as someone who has gone through many similar, or the same, life experiences as have many of you. In the next two years I hope to have the opportunity to meet as many of you as will be possible, and I am looking forward to making many more good friends. As I have stated before, it is my belief that if we work together as one, maintaining stewardship of our Association, with faith in the Lord, He will bless us and our efforts, so that we will have a legacy to pass on to those who will succeed us.

May God Bless each one of us, and help us along the way.